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About Us

“Play and mindfulness are at the heart of everything I do. I believe in the importance of diversifying healing and this is my contribution." — DR, founder.

So many of us spend our adult lives trying to find different ways of coping with all the expectations put on us. From bills and career goals to personal growth and building relationships, the pressure is immense.

KiD iN YOU was born through wanting to make the adulting experience more enjoyable. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood the play stopped. Why?

What do we do?

We offer a variety of games, workshops and online content that promotes wellbeing to inject that much-needed burst of fun in your surroundings. Our aim is to bring a little more joy to the adulting experience. We use the power of play to help you through another day.

Why do we do it?

We are dedicated to promoting the importance of play, particularly for adults as we recognise the challenges of keeping morale high in this current climate.

Our core values; CommunicationConnection and Creativity help with navigating through these testing times. 

Through play we connect you to the KiD iN YOU, reigniting what makes you feel good, because when you feel good you heal good.

Who do we do it for? 

The doctor, the creative, the lawyer, the student, the CEO … quite simply— YOU!

Research shows that adding a little joy to your daily routine can help boost your immune system by fighting off stress, promoting wellbeing, stimulating creativity and encouraging problem-solving. It also helps to strengthen relationships by dissolving barriers, creating a healthier and happier environment for everyone.

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Dionne— nice to meet you. A few random facts about me:

I love the colour yellow, apple crumble with custard is my favourite dessert and last year I bought a tamagotchi pet (which is still alive by the way).

I’ve always been extremely passionate about implementing joy as part of my daily routine and creating moments for authentic connections. For some reason adult life doesn’t allow much room for this, and so I created  KiD iN YOU

I have had the pleasure of working within the Creative industry and Youth Sector for just over 15 years where I’ve had many defining moments, engaging audiences from all walks of life and creating connections from the stage to the classroom.

Working in high pressurised environments I realised that many of our challenges today stem from trying to fit in a “one size fits all” adult uniform. By introducing playful moments in these spaces, I witnessed first hand how much easier it is to unlock hidden potential, activate confidence, create authentic connections and build a harmonious environment. 

We have subscribed to the notion that growing up means letting go of our childlike qualities. But what if growing up was about letting go of some of the prescribed ideas that we believe make up adulthood?

Working with young people was a true awakening, they became my greatest teachers by reconnecting me to my inner child and the secret to a happier and successful life.

Curiosity, imagination, fun, forgiveness, resilience and creativity. Where would we be if we made these qualities a staple part of our lives?

KiD iN YOU is a gentle reminder to myself and others that we have permission to play. My mission is to make play a part of your five a day. 

Welcome to the KiD iN YOU family and thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Help yourself to some biscuits on the way out.wink