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Welcome to K.I.Y

Hey Family, Welcome. Come in, sit down and grab a biscuit. My name is Dionne I am the founder and creator of KiD iN YOU nice to meet you.

KiD iN YOU was born from wanting to bring a little more fun to the adulting experience. So many of us spend our adult lives finding different ways to cope with all the pressure and expectations put on us. 

Having fun can sometimes feel like a taboo and is often treated like a luxury rather than an important part of our health care regime.

Play is like medicine and does wonders for our overall health.

KiD iN YOU is the new home for good vibes and edutainment.

Just see us as your digital bestie holding your hand through the adulting experience.

Let’s connect!

When was the last time you played?

How have you made your adulting experience more enjoyable?